Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Well my favorite holiday is upon us. Thanksgiving! It is a holiday when family gets together and just has a great time... the smell of everything cooking in the kitchen and the nieces and nephews running around.. the game on T.V. and yes I do wish I had a glass of wine in my

Happy Thanksgiving!!!2020-04-15T10:48:53-07:00

Desert Star Backdrops


I was approached by the Desert Star Theater to create some backdrops for them like I did in 2008 fo rtheir show "Wizard of Odd". This year it was for "The Bi-Polar Express" These drops have to be done in a very short turnaround process, 4 weeks altogether. 1 week of comps and

Desert Star Backdrops2020-04-15T10:48:53-07:00

YOGA Sketch


I am going to try to hit up threadless.com again.. but this time I am going to try this sketch. The word Yoga illustrated in people doing Yoga positions. So this is the basic premise, I will put this into Illustrator and make it a nice tight vector image for shirts... I hope this

YOGA Sketch2022-04-09T11:19:24-07:00