Well my favorite holiday is upon us. Thanksgiving! It is a holiday when family gets together and just has a great time… the smell of everything cooking in the kitchen and the nieces and nephews running around.. the game on T.V. and yes I do wish I had a glass of wine in my hand …. but maybe one day when I hold Thanksgiving at my house that dream will come true.

This Illustration was inspired by a story Roger ( my step father ) told years ago around the dinner table, about a group of astronauts that came to a planet and the inhabitants were giants that captured them all and boiled them and ate them for a feast.. then kept the remaining astronauts around and bred them so they would always have them for dinner every year…
the joke being that the astronauts were from a Turkey planet and we were the giants… that is Roger’s sense of humor for ya… funny stuff.

Graphite on Paper 8.5″ x 11″