This latest study took me a bit longer than a week, but I wanted to show the process of these sketches. I first find my subject matter, I try to find subject that will challenge me.
This subject was a gorilla.

I start with a blue line sketch to get proportions and shape down, at this stage I can change my drawing quite a bit.

I then take my graphite pencil and go over the highest detailed parts, and shadows can be filled in with ink and do not need to be filled in with pencil.

I then copy the pencil (and the blue line does not re replicate on a regular xerox so I just have a faint pencil sketch to go over with ink. I have been using Uni-Ball pens and sharpie to see how challenging the sketch can become.

This is my finished sketch, and I have several versions I can add to a portfolio.
Art is a challenge, I love being an artist and I hope you all keep challenging yourselves as well.