Last year I was asked to design 2 masks for the Utah Arts Festival Masquerade Ball which is a fund raiser for the UAF. It was very fun and if you scroll back 1 year from this post you will see the masks I did last year. I was asked again by the UAF to create 2 more masks for this years masquerade.
I have dedicated my art to moving in the genre of Comic Book Art so everything I do has to have a Comic Book feel, style, or aesthetic to it.
These masks are plastic masks I bought at Michael’s and deco-paged old 1990’s comic books to them. I glossed the surfaces in contrasting gloss and matte vanishes to bring out the color and texture of the masks. I added handles to the bottoms so people could hold them in front of their faces.
It was a hard process to get these done since it was a medium I had never used before and I had good time challenging myself to complete them.
One is DC comic books and the other is Marvel comic books.